Who We Are

Welcome to Visually Insured Properties, where your peace of mind is our top priority. Our dedicated team understands the devastating impact that unexpected disasters, whether accidental or environmental, can have on homeowners. Having personally experienced the heartache of fire's destructive force and the ensuing insurance ordeal, we're driven by a mission to shield you from such hardships. We've been in your shoes, watching years of labor and investment vanish in moments. With Visually Insured Properties, we're rewriting this narrative. Say goodbye to the stress of proving the worth of your cherished possessions – we're here to streamline the process. Our commitment? Providing you with an immersive, comprehensive video walkthrough of your home. From the meticulous details of your home improvements to significant furniture acquisitions and thoughtful additions, we capture it all in under two hours. Let your hard work and memories be safeguarded, not reduced to ashes. Join us in securing what matters most.